Feature-length scripts I'm willing to show the world:

- ATOPIA - Drama.
Eduard, Emma and Ludmila live in different realities yet the lives of all three will intersect through the international networks of human trafficking and illegal adoption.

- MIASMA - Action / Adventure / Sci-fi.
In a dystopian world with a poisoned atmosphere where humans live confined, a young girl discovers she is the only who is able to breathe. Her extraordinary ability will allow her to flee from the New Order and find a new place where mankind could be able to live with freedom.

- BEYOND THE RED SHORE - Mystery / Sci-fi / Thriller.
The first group of Martian colonists find themselves involved in a mysterious master plan aparently orchestrated by a Reality TV-Show in Earth to produce the very first extraterrestrial newborn on the red planet.

- TELOMERES - Thriller / Sci-fi.
A young woman studying aging and death genetics is contracted for a special mission during which she discovers a chamber of an ancient laboratory housing a zombie that has been alive for millennia. She'll try to free the depleted man and find out his secret before he might get killed again in the next experiment.

- THE REMAINDER - Thriller / Sci-fi.
Two young brothers open the door to another world deep within a cave but only one comes out to tell the story that no one will believe, and upon his return to where his brother went missing he discovers his own reality may have been altered as well.

- SOLOMON - Drama. (based on my short film "Only Solomon Lee")
A lonely immigrant on the outskirts of LA nurtures himself with the lives he finds in stolen laptops but after he falls in love with a beautiful escort in a particular video, his obsessive search for her leads him through a haunting rabbit hole of mystery and desire where he will get lost up to reconsider his sexual identity.

- REAL STATE - Drama. (based on my short film "(En)terrados")
In New York City the lives of a landlord, a broker, an exterminator, and a homeless young immigrant intersect through a mysterious apartment and a sex crime.

- ULYSSES' PAWN - Drama. (based on my short film "Odysseus' Gambit")
A Cambodian immigrant playing chess to survive on the streets of New York has created a story about himself which is put to the test with the arrival of a young woman he discovers to be his long lost daughter.

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